***ANNOUNCEMENT ***Submissions are officially open again! And we’re taking poetry submissions as well! Send us all that fresh squeezed awesome.

–The Rind Staff


We take entries for fiction, nonfiction and poetry. We do not take novel excerpts unless they can stand alone as an individual story. We do not have a maximum word count, however, typical entries do not exceed 7,500 words. We are reading year-round and accept simultaneous submissions. Please be sure to immediately withdraw your submission if accepted elsewhere. Please include a brief biography, name and email address in the body of your email. We are not offering payment for manuscripts at this time. Blog contributions are by inquiry and invitation only.

  • Email submissions only.
  • Indicate genre (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, film, or Cool 55) in the subject line.
  • Please submit manuscripts in .doc formatting as an attachment.
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced and numbered (except poetry).
  • For poetry submissions, please submit no more than 3 poems per submission in a single document.
  • Please allow at least eight weeks for a response.

By agreeing to have us publish your work, Rind Literary Magazine reserves the rights to first online publication in concordance with the First North American Serial Rights. The individual author retains all future rights to materials published by Rind Literary Magazine.

Please send submissions to

*Note: For Film Submissions, please review the guidelines as posted at