Some things start with a dream, and with perseverance, they become reality. That isn’t the case with Rind. Rind was born out of the frustration of a limited job market and the simple question: “Why not?”

Rind became corporeal in early January 2012, born of a Facebook post. Owen Torres, a recent graduate of the University of California- Riverside’s Creative Writing program, updated his status one day, asking if anyone was interested in joining him in the creation of an online literary magazine. Being unemployed and waiting for publisher responses, he saw a hole in the literary market for magazines exclusive to fiction and nonfiction. His post received several hits from his friends and colleagues who make up the bulk of Rind’s editing staff.

The group banded together under the simple prospect of publishing the widest variety of superior fiction and nonfiction possible, adopting the mantra of: If it’s good and we like it, we’ll publish it. After weeks of deliberation, we decided on the name Rind, reflecting many of the staff’s personal history with California’s Inland Empire. After that, things began to move forward at exponential speeds, but without compromising our commitment to professionalism and our desire to bring our readers the highest quality presentation possible.

Since then we have added poetry to our eclectic mix of writing. We wanted to bridge the gap between genres, encourage new forms and expressions, and see things we haven’t seen before in poetry.

Rind will continue forward with our base philosophy and commitment to literature. It is our goal to improve upon each triannual issue with determination and zeal. It is our wish to meet and exceed every expectation of our subscribers and contributors with the same line of professionalism of larger magazines with our own distinct approachability. Let it be known: Our magazine is your magazine. We hope to hear from you soon.

–The Staff of Rind