Rind is a literary magazine dedicated to the publication of quality fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Our base philosophy is if it’s good and we like it, we’ll publish it. Other than a few guidelines mapped out on our submissions page, the sky’s the limit. We were founded with the idea that any and all forms of fiction, nonfiction and poetry were welcome. We want to create a site that Frank Miller, Stephen King, Haruki Murakami and Jonathan Franzen might all feel comfortable submitting their manuscripts. Nothing can be too political, too religious, too risqué or too violent. If it’s writing, we want it.

Our staff is composed of a highly diverse community of writers and professionals. Many of the editors are graduates of the University of California- Riverside’s Creative Writing program, while others have pursued degrees in English, Media and Cultural Studies, Sociology, and even Culinary Arts. Although stylistically we run the gamut, we are all united by our love of the craft and the continued pursuit of bettering our own writing. We wish that each issue of Rind would reflect not only our passion, but also the passion of our contributors, in hopes of adding to the growing community of writers.